Screen recording on Android made easy with Vidma Screen Recorder. Record screen with audio for free on Vidma Screen Recorder. Equipped with an intuitive interface, Vidma Recorder is an easy screen recorder app on Android, made for all-purpose screen recording.
Create game play videos, demo videos, product explanation videos and more on your Android phone. Vidma Screen Recorder also comes with comprehensive editing functions to allow you to trim, change speed, rotate, resize and more. Record and edit your videos on Vidma Screen Recorder today.

Vidma Screen Recorder
– Pro and Lite

Vidma Screen Recorder comes with Pro and Lite versions to cater to different Android users, without compromising on the user experience. Vidma Recorder Lite comes in a smaller size and package, with basic editing features for a fuss-free simple screen recording and editing experience. Vidma Recorder Pro comes with more editing tools for complex screen recording and video editing.

Free Video Recording & Editing

Vidma Screen Recorder Lite and Pro are free screen recording apps made for Android. They do not require sign-ups or login to use. Vidma Screen Recorder is supported by ads for the maintenance of the app, to provide you with a free screen recording tool. You may subscribe to our premium version for an ad-free experience.

Record Without Watermark

Looking for a watermark-free screen recorder for Android for free? This is it – Vidma Screen Recorder allows you to record your Android phone screen with audio, with no watermark. Record your screen easily, edit and share your videos with your loved ones.

Comprehensive Video Editing Features

Cut, trim, split, splice, duplicate, reverse, merge, speed up, slow down, resize, and so much more! Vidma Screen Recorder makes it easy to edit your screen recordings in a fun and intuitive way, with a user interface that is quick to master.

HD Video Export

Export your video in your preferred quality and definition – Vidma Screen Recorder offers HD video export high quality videos in 1080p resolution, giving you the best video editing experience with no loss in video quality.

No Time Limit

With Vidma Screen Recorder, you can do screen recording with no time limit on your Android. This means that you can record minutes, or even hours on Vidma Screen Recorder, in high resolution and quality. We can screen record long duration, for as long as your phone storage and memory allows.

Choose Storage Location

Vidma Screen Recorder allows you to screen record with no time limit, capped at your phone’s storage capabilities. You can choose your video storage location, so that your phone’s storage capabilities are maximised.

Floating Screen Recorder Widget

Start your screen recording without opening the app! Vidma Screen Recorder comes with an optional floating widget, allowing you to activate and start screen recording in just a tap – anytime, anywhere.

Share Videos Easily

Create and share videos easily – Vidma Screen Recorder supports various social media platforms, allowing you to share video projects directly from the app to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and more, in just seconds.